My 5 Favorite Lesbian Dating Sites

Dating, in general, can be difficult for anyone but particularly for lesbians. Online dating is a great opportunity for lesbian singles to meet that special someone. With the plethora of dating sites and apps out there it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are best suited for lesbians. I have compiled a list of my top 5 lesbian dating sites/apps to help you through the process.

Dating as a Lesbian

Dating the traditional way from connections with mutual friends, bars, and chance meetings can be more challenging for lesbians as the numbers aren’t as high as straight people. This is particularly true for those in smaller towns and more rural areas. Don’t sit on the sideline and expect Ms. Right to fall out the sky; this is a great time to consider the internet for lesbian romance.

Online Dating

In this modern technological era with people constantly connected to the internet and social media, online dating sites open up a whole new world of dating potential. This gives access to millions of potential partners that would be otherwise unknown, but you need to compare dating sites. Some people use general social networking sites such as Facebook to date, but this can be like finding a needle in a haystack as most people simply use that site in a platonic way and them being lesbian can be a question mark. Connecting with people who are also looking to date of the same sexual orientation makes the search that much easier. Lesbian specific dating websites are created to help lesbians connect with each other date and pursue relationships. There are general dating sites that either do not allow lesbian account set up or that do not have a significant online presence of users. There are some general dating sites that are great for lesbians and one makes the list of my favorite top five lesbian dating websites and apps.


Her is available exclusively as a dating app for lesbians. It allows quick account set up and links to Facebook accounts. This connection is preferred by many as it helps prevents fake accounts and imposters. The company prides itself on flexibility to the user and there are many online members. It’s likely to see many potential dates on there in your area as I did. The app also allows setup for bisexual women. It allows you to add as little or as much in-depth information you like and has a diverse crowd. This app is definitely worth downloading to give a try.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is different from most dating sites and apps as it focuses on meaningful long-lasting relationships and romance vs simply dating and hooking up. It is a lesbian-specific dating site and it has high-quality members that are looking for something serious. The majority of lesbians on there are college educated professionals looking for similar. The site has an extensive questionnaire and personality test to help match you with potential mates. This service is different as it sends you a recommended 3 to 7 matches daily instead of you searching through endless profiles. This helps connect you with someone compatible soon and I enjoyed the format. The site also has an app and this would be one of the first services I would use if I was really looking for something long term.


Plenty of Fish is the largest free general dating site/app is the in the world. With it being so large and accessible, there are plenty of lesbians on there and the site allows you to setup your account as one. This site should absolutely be one of the first ones you try.

Pink Cupid

Pink Cupid is a paid members site and is part of the greater Cupid network of different dating niches. Pink Cupid is the network’s site for lesbians and it has some good features. An account can be set up for free to browse and paid members to get additional features like being able to initiate contact with all members. I enjoyed the professional aura of the service and it has been around for over 10 years.

Pink Sofa

Pink Sofa is similar to the style of Pink Cupid with having free basic and paid premium membership for enhanced features. This company is also experienced and has almost half a million active members. This site is worth considering if you are interested in serious dates who are willing to pay for a service.

Where Can I Find The Best Online Dating Sites?

The digital world seems to have all the essential services in full supply at short notice. This is true of online dating websites. Online dating offers numerous advantages over conventional means of connecting with new and exciting people. It gives us access to a far broader audience that it would be typically possible. It enhances communications and enables us to find better matches than it would be otherwise possible.

Advantages of online dating websites

It is easy and convenient to meet new people from the comfort of your house or mobile device. Online dating moves the process to any online media. This makes it fast, quick and convenient. There is less pressure as compared to meeting people in person. It is an excellent strategy for those of us who are shy and nervous. It gives us a relaxed atmosphere where we can evaluate the engagements and respond accordingly.


Online dating allows us to meet new people and discover a few details about them before we meet them in person. This works to provide a better dating experience free of pressure and the discomfort associated with first-time meetings. Online dating sites save you from the trouble and embarrassment of rejection. People will tend to disclose more to the virtual contact than they would in person.


This provides an excellent opportunity for us to connect with other people on a deeper level. In other words, it increases our chances of meeting and connecting with new people. We can find out a whole lot of detail from the other person’s private life without having to ask them many questions.


Online dating websites present an exceptional opportunity for us to connect with new people on a deeper level. It is cost-effective and increasingly appealing to more people on a daily basis.

Where to find the best dating sites

The best dating sites are online. Numerous online portals are promising to provide the best dating matches. From established brands to fresh players with creative strategies that promise to make our dating life more manageable. Log on and discover a world full of new and exciting possibilities. Online dating allows us to compare dating sites to find the best match for our requirements.


Each site offers a strong point including cheaper costs, advanced profiles that provide more details and a higher chance of connecting us to the right match. Dating sites provide numerous exclusive features that we cannot find anywhere else. It enables potential matches to open up about their motives and preferences. By comparing sites, we can identify the best possible match that is suited to our style and tastes.


There are a lot of dating sites that don’t deliver what they promise. Comparing services lets us check the service offerings and make a decision on what is the best option in the immediate circumstances. Some of the most popular choices available include targeted sites that provide niche-dating services and general connection sites.


A simple search gives us the available options and the opportunity to start meeting new people immediately. Pay attention to site-specific features such as pricing structure, connection and matching tools and detail of information on offer about the potential mates.


Online dating is an excellent strategy to accelerate our social networking efforts. It provides us with multiple advantages over the traditional dating model. It is an exceptional way to expand our choice of matching partners and experience compelling dating experiences. Numerous dating sites provide their services at no cost to the user.


Additionally, there are sites dedicated to the unique requirements of a wide range of online users. Log in and discover exciting opportunities of meeting new people on a short-term basis or long-term engagements. It most likely will cost you nothing but time and energy.